Determining the sex of parrots 
In our lab we can determine the sex of parrots and other birds. 
DNA analysis can be done using samples of blood or feathers. 
It is best for samples to be taken by veterinarians or experienced bird handlers. This is a precautionary measure for the safety of both the birds and the person taking the sample. 
If the samples are sent by mail then all the DNA samples of various birds should be placed in separate packages or envelopes, inside the main package and sent to us as soon as possible after the samples are taken. We recommend that you use a courier service (for example Post Express in Serbia). 
Samples of feathers 
Feathers should be freshly plucked out. Feathers which fall out by themselves are usually not suitable for DNA analysis. 
Biological material to be analyzed is located in the root of the feather, just below the skin's surface. Each feather should be separately plucked out. You can use sterile forceps - especially when it comes to the smaller birds. Prior to sampling, wash your hands. If you collect samples from several birds, wash your hands after each bird. 
Prior to collecting samples mark the envelope or other container, the type and name of a bird or some other way to identify birds without doubt. 
From birds to pluck feather 3-5, with the best breasts. 
Avoid rip the end of the pen (red circle in the picture), as this may lead to fracture the pen above the skin, and the sample will be useless. Feather plucking is to be as close to the skin (the green circle in the figure) and in the same direction in which the plume rises. DNA material at the top of the pen (blue circle), and sometimes may even be visible to the naked eye (a small piece of tissue or blood). Avoid touching the end of the pen. 
Put a feather in previously labeled envelopes or containers. Each envelope or package should contain samples only a single bird. All samples then put into one package and send it to the lab DNA. 
[B] blood [/ b] 
During blood sampling, be sure to avoid sample contamination or infection of birds. 
For the collection of blood samples you can use a sterile swab with a cotton swab. 
Prior to sample collection tube to check the sterile swab type and name of a bird or some other way that would unambiguously identify birds. 
After specimen collection swab back in the labeled container and repeat the process for all the birds. Each swab sample should contain only one bird and they should all be put into one package and sent to the Laboratory of DNA. 
[B] software [/ b] 
We recommend that the delivery reliability due to sample transportation using courier (DHL, FedEx ...). In Serbia, we recommend today-for-tomorrow Post Express service. 
[Subtitle] Prices [/ subtitle] 
Determining the sex 4000Supplement to score within one business day of 5000  
[Subtitle] payment instructions [/ subtitle] 
Services can be paid as follows: 
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Proof of payment (copy of bank payment slip with a stamp that you can send a mail)
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Unfortunately, we still do not accept credit cards. 
Dinar money order fill with the following information: 
  • To: DNA Ltd. Belgrade
  • Payment Code: 21
  • Account Number: 170-0030006788001-41
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The following information is used for payments in euros from abroad for tests: 
  • Receiver (SWIFT code): BACXRSBG
  • Cost sharing code: OUR
  • Beneficiary Bank Name: UniCredit Bank Serbia
  • Beneficiary Bank Address: Rajićeva 27-29, Belgrade, Serbia (Post code: 11000)
  • Branch Code: B14
  • Beneficiary Account Number: 30006788002
  • Beneficiary IBAN number: RS35170003000678800238
  • Beneficiary's full name: DNA Ltd. Belgrade
  • Beneficiary's address: Svetozar Ćorovića 10, Belgrade, Serbia (Post code: 11120)
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