Prenatal paternity testing

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DNA analysis is the only reliable way to determine paternity and kinship. 
Principle of the test 
Testing for paternity and kinship is based on a comparison of the DNA profiles of people who are tested - the child and the potential father and/or mother. 
The test involves appropriate biostatistical calculations. 
the accuracy of results is increased from about 99.99% to 99.9999% if the DNA profile of the child is compared with DNA profiles of both parents. 
If the test is performed prenatally, the child's DNA profile can be determined from samples of CVS, amniotic fluid or umbilical cord blood. 
Samples used for adults are usually buccal swabs, as well as other biological material: 
  • Blood
  • Hair: these must have roots. Hairs that fall off on their own, or are cut, are not suitable for analysis. It is preferable to send 3-5 hairs
  • Cigarette butts, toothbrushes, chweing gum...
  • Glasses or bottles from which a person drank
  • Cut fingernails
  • Fabrics with biological material (eg, saliva, blood, semen...)
Tests in our lab are done by experts who are also court expert witnesses and have thus far conducted tests in more than 1.000 court cases. 
Taking samples of fetal biological material (CVS, amnion, or umbilical cord blood) poses a risk to the pregnancy and samples must be taken only in consultation with a doctor (gynecologist). 
These prenatal samples can also be used to test for the most common genetic disorders
These prices do not include sampling CVS, amniotic fluid or umbilical cord blood testing during pregnancy - these are taken exclusively by gynecologists at extra cost. 
Results are available within three working days. 
Potential father and one child 26.000Each additional person (child, for example) 8.000Additional cost for results within one business day 10.000 
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