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We are the only laboratory in the region that analyses 22 loci by default, others usually analyse 15 loci. This significantly increases the accuracy of results.

Quality assurance
Be absolutely certain of the result of your test. Testing in our lab is done by permanent court expert witnesses, and the results include full DNA profiles and corresponding statistical calculations.
By analysing the Y chromosome (the male component of DNA) we can determine the ancestral origin of a given person, if the Y chromosome DNA profile fits into existing databases of the Y chromosome. 
By "ancestry" we mean the geographic origin of direct male line of a person, which can be determined with more or less certainty. 
The disadvantage of this method is that you get origin of only a single ancestor. Ten generations ago (about 250 years), each of us has about 1.000 ancestors. For this reason, this test does not give complete information about where we really originate from. 
But if you are interested, we can do this type of analysis. Among our employees we have located the ancestors in northern Russia, the Ukraine, Persia - and one of us has a male ancestor from Benin! 
Samples for analysis are the same as for the establishment of paternity. 
Find out about this test, and ancestry in general, from the website (in Serbian only). 
Results are ready within three working days. 
Y chromosome DNA profile 13.000Surcharge for next working day results 10.000 
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