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From prenatal samples (20ml of amniotic fluid or 2ml of umbilical cord blood) we can do both tests for genetic disorders of the fetus - QF-PCR and cytogenetics. This yields a complete karyotype, and the QF-PCR test results for the most common disorders after a single business day. 
The characteristics of each of the three options offered (only QF-PCR, only cytogenetics; both tests together) are as follows: 
Advantages of the QF-PCR test 
Speed: Test results are obtained within one business day. 
Sample contamination: A reliable result can be obtained, even if biological material from the mother is also present in the fetal sample. the QF-PCR test is able to distinguish genetic material of the mother and fetus if the fetal material is dominant in the sample. In the event of contamination is necessary to take a buccal swab sample from the mother. 
Safety: As the QF-PCR test requires only 3-5ml of amniotic fluid, the risk for the pregnancy of sampling is reduced. The QF-PCR test can also be done in late pregnancy. 
Transport: The QF-PCR test is relatively insensitive to the age of the sample and method of transport. 
Price: The QF-PCR test is cheaper than conventional cytogenetics. 
Advantages of cytogenetics 
Completeness: The QF-PCR test diagnoses the existence only of the most common changes in the number of chromosomes, while the cytogenetic test diagnoses changes in the structure of chromosomes too. 
Advantages of performing both tests from the same sample 
Reliability: Inadequate transport, contamination of the sample or a problem with the growth of culture can cause a failure to obtain cytogenetic results, but do not have a decisive influence on the QF-PCR test. By doing both tests there is less risk that test results are not obtained. 
Speed and completeness: Test results for the most common disorders is obtained within one working day, and a full karyotype within 12-20 days. 
The QF-PCR test is sufficient if only the most common genetic disorders are suspected (Patau, Edwards, Down, Klinefelter, Turner syndromes; as well as other changes of the type XXX and/or XYY). Also the QF-PCR test should be done if it is necessary to get test results quickly or in late pregnancy (after 21 weeks of pregnancy). 
Prices do not include sampling of CVS, amniotic fluid or umbilical cord blood - these samples are taken exclusively by gynecologists at extra cost. You can find a list of gynecologists on the right side of this page. 
Genetic disorders 
QF-PCR 13.000Cytogenetics 20.000QF-PCR and cytogenetics 30.000 
Combined tests 
QF-PCR and cytomegalovirus 20.000QF-PCR and toxoplasma 20.000QF-PCR, cytomegalovirus and toxoplasmosis 26.000 
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