Buccal swabs
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We are the only laboratory in the region that analyses 22 loci by default, others usually analyse 15 loci. This significantly increases the accuracy of results.

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Be absolutely certain of the result of your test. Testing in our lab is done by permanent court expert witnesses, and the results include full DNA profiles and corresponding statistical calculations.
Buccal swabs are swabs taken from the inside of the cheek. This is the type of sample we take in our lab. 
You can also send these swabs by mail, or bring them along, using instructions below. 
When taking buccal swabs it is to use sterile swabs that have their own test tube (these can be bought in most pharmacies). 
You can also use a plain cotton swab. We suggest that in this case you first remove cotton from one of the two ends (so that it remains only at one end). Avoid touching the end that will be used to collect a sample. 
A sterile swab is the best taken out of its tube just before taking a swab of the inside of the mouth. 
Each person to be tested should use their own swab. Before taking samples we suggest you write down on each tube the identity or code of the person in question. 
If you use ordinary swabs, without test tubes, please prepare separate envelopes for each person tested, into which you will put the swabs. Each envelope is then marked by name or code of the person. 
The next step is to remove the swab from the tube and rub the inside of the cheek with it. 
Rub 5-6 times on both the left and right inside of his cheek, as if brushing your teeth (about 5-10 seconds). After this procedure put the swab back into the labeled container and repeat the procedure for every person to be tested. 
Buccal swab samples or cotton swabs should be left to dry before returning them to the tube or envelope. Drying is done by leaving the swabs in the open air, for about 5-10 minutes, but in such a way that they do not touch any other surface. 
The last step is to send these samples to our lab. If you are mailing them put all the samples in one package or envelope. We recommend you use a courier service (for example, Post Express in Serbia). 
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